Tuesday, April 5

Theater Review: Beef and Boards: Guys and Dolls

Opening at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre this weekend in Indianapolis is the classic musical Guys and Dolls. Guys, as in wise guys, Dolls, as in the slang term for women you didn't marry.

The classic musical is fast-paced and centers around a group of guys who like illegal gambling and avoiding the cops. One, Nathan Detroit (Eddie Curry), is hooked on loving, but not marrying, Miss Adelaide (Deb Wims), a showgirl who still believes Detroit can become the husband she wants.
Sky Masterson is portrayed by Timothy Ford who returns to the north-side stage, and was last seen here in Singin' in the Rain  and White Christmas. Masterson's romantic interest, missionary Sarah Brown (Betsy Newton), comes into the mix via a bet with Detroit.
A few of the performers stand out in this performance:
Shaun Rice portraying Nicely-Nicely. Rice keeps it low key in the first half, but in the second half you see what he is really made of ~ vocally and energy-wise. Belting out (with ensemble), Sit down, You're Rockin' the Boat," Rice seems to come into his own rhythm. I would certainly like to see that same over-the-top confidence in the first half as well.

Wims camps it up beautifully as the naive, lovelorn Adelaide, giving a seamless performance as the lovable girl in over her head with Detroit. Her energy (and talent) never waiver, keeping the pace for others to achieve and shining as the brightest female performer.

Daniel Scharbrough shines as Lt. Brannigan ~ although I could see him cast as Big Jule as he towers over everyone and Jule is referred to as being a big, scary guy.

Curry brings his special energy as the nuptials-nervous craps-game arranger. From scampering about to get out of marriage, and getting everyone into an illegal dice game, Curry is obviously enjoying himself and brings us along for the fun.

Mark Goetzinger (always love seeing him on stage around town), makes even a minor role memorable as missionary Arvide Abernathy (the sign of a truly talented actor).
Bottom Line: Whether or not you have seen Guys and Dolls in the past, your best bet is to catch the high-energy production rolling at Beef and Boards.

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