Monday, January 4

Theater Review: Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre: Run for your Wife

 Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre, Indianapolis, opens its 43rd season with the return of a previous successful production: Run for Your Wife.

Continuing with its tradition of opening the new schedule with a comedy (typically a British farce), the 2016 season is no exception. The slapstick is set in 1985 London with John Smith (Eddie Curry) a cab driver.
An unassuming, congenial man, Smith is portrayed brilliantly by Curry once again to the delight of the audience. Playing the understandably nervous driver is a dead-on role for Curry whose other roles have included a Baptist minister, the unwizardly wizard of Oz and Clarence the Angel without Wings.
As the story unveils Smith has not just one wife, but two ~ living within just a few miles of each other, Curry makes you believe he is not a bad sort at all. In fact, you find yourself feeling sorry for the poor guy.

Sarah Hund steps into the role as one wife (Mary Smith), while Erin Cohenour takes on portraying the other wife (Barbara Smith). Hund's talents are well known in Indy, and shine once again in this show.

Jeffrey Stockberger brings his own comedic talents to the role of Stanley Gardner. Curry and Stockberger have been paired in many a comedy together on the B&B stage over the years giving them a polished rhythm. Stockberger seems to enjoy this role even more giving additional energy to the part of the shocked friend.

Bottom Line: Beef and Boards opens to a packed house with Run for Your Wife ~ and for good reason. It is a family friendly winter-blues beating show.


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