Friday, September 18

Theater Review: Theatre on the Square (TOTS): Enter Love

Theatre on the Square (TOTS) opens its 2015-2016 season with "Enter Love: the Airport Musical," a musical directed and choreographed by Kenny Shepard.

Although the story is set in an international airport, it bears no other likeness to the 1963 film "The V.I.P.s." Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the classic film had passengers interacting in an airport 's exclusive lounge amid personal crises brought about due to the plane's delay.

Enter Love is a musical, with music and lyrics by Lynn Lupold and Kenny Shepard, centering on everyday people struggling to find answers to life's romantic questions.
Josiah McCruiston brings the audience to laughter portraying Harold, Fern (Harold's wife) and Joe Bob for varying levels of humour. McCruiston surprises you when he sashays across the stage wearing a dress and wig, only to appear moments later in his husband-ish attire. The student at Marian University is quite the quick change artist as well as vocal and comedic talent.

Danny Kingston is delicious in any role he plays, and Austin, Chip and Wayne are no exceptions. Taking on three characters, the Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre regular performer transforms himself into each seamlessly. Whether a flight attendant greeting and helping you find a seat, tucked between two other rednecks, or wondering about his significant other and young son, Kingston shines.

As the various trials and tribulations are worked out to some degree, the characters share their more vulnerable side to the audience and each other. Some laughs, some tears and some reality checks brings this story into the "truth be told" category. Be prepared as this production runs long, with an intermission. 

Bottom Line: Enter Love: the Airport Musical shares life, laughter and love in personal relationships of all types.

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