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Rocky Horror Picture Show Goes LIVE at The Athenaeum

Get ready to do the Time Warp again ~

If you are familiar, or even if you have never seen, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, chances are you have heard of it. It's one of those classic cult films your mother wouldn't let you go see as a teenager. Then you got old enough to sneak a showing of the movie at a midnight showing somewhere.

Coming to Indianapolis is the live stage version, produced by Zach Rosing Productions. Hitting the stage once before (in 2012 at Footlite Musicals), this go 'round will be performed at The Athenaeum, which will hold the bigger audience it will surely require.

Although the typical props audience members bring to the screen version ~ toast, rice, newspapers, umbrellas etc. ~ will not be allowed due to respect for the historic building's interior, costumes are enthusiastically encouraged. The late shows (10:30 p.m.) will be designated for the rowdier crowds who enjoy calling out at appropriate intervals and reciting the lines with performers.

I don't know about you, but I would think the rowdy version sounds like the most fun although the earlier show may allow you to actually catch the plot if you are not familiar.

A basic synopsis is two young adults, Brad and Janet, are the "Squares" lost and seeking shelter during a storm on a dark, dark night (naturally). They stumble around until they find the ultimate spoof-type castle, old and creepy. They meet the owner, Dr. Frank N. Furter, a transvestite scientist and Rocky, his "perfect" creation, along with other zany characters.

Among the cast are two names that jump out due to admiring their work in other productions I have reviewed over the years.

Danny Kingston is one of those actors. You know the kind. You never know which character he will morph into next: Evil, clueless, emotionally messed ... the list goes on and on. Never have I reviewed a performance in which Kingston was included that the show didn't receive high marks. Quite the chameleon, Kingston loses himself in each role making him a Destination Actor. Watch for him as a Phantom and Transylvanian in this show. For past reviews of Kingston click here. All I can say is if someone of Kingston's calibre is in the ensemble... imagine the talent of the major role's actors.

Another person of note in the cast is Erin Cohenour as Magenta. You'll remember my posting about Cohenour when I came upon her belting out several songs at my favorite haunt Chef Joseph's one late night (after reviewing a theater performance I often drop in for live music and one of Sara Yager's fab martinis). While I was chatting with a few others at the bar, she took the mic and reminded me so much of one of my favorites ~ the Empress of Soul ~ Gladys Knight, that I shushed everyone around me to enjoy her talent. Her onstage talents are also well documented, as in Mafia Daughter (M.J. Feruzza).

The film can be seen often, and is worth watching. My thoughts, however, are how often does a person get to see it live on stage in Indianapolis? During Halloween season. That makes this a must-see. So go. Watch. Enjoy. You can thank me later ~ 

Thursday - October 23 - 7:30
Friday - October 24 - 7:30 & 10:30

Thursday - October 30 - 7:30

Friday - October 31 - 7:30 & 10:30
Saturday - November 1 - 7:30 & 10:30

$20 for the first weekend (10/23-10/24)
$25 for the second weekend (10/30-11/1)
Call (800) 838-3006 or visit

Cast and Crew

Magenta: Erin Cohenour
Brad: Brandon Alstott
Janet: Betsy Norton
Riff Raff: Damon Clevenger
Columbia: Nathalie Cruz
Frank 'N' Furter: Scott Keith

Rocky: Logan Moore
Eddie/Dr. Scott: Paige Scott
Narrator: Dave Ruark

Phantoms and Transylvanians 
Matthew Altman
Danielle Carnagua
Kristin Cutler
Nick Heskett
Danny J. Kingston
Samuel McKanney
Megan Medley
Miranda Nehrig
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