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Top 10 Best Things to do at River City Casino and Hotel, St. Louis 2014

Returning from a trip is always a bit overwhelming ~ the origin of that feeling coming from two (or more) worlds colliding, I suppose. Leisure conflicting with work and home modes. You have been
either walking about a cruise ship, racing to see all family members or, perhaps it was a business trip and you need to relax before returning to local work mode and family duties.

Generally for me it entails a breakneck pace participating in, attending and trying as much as I can so as to report back to you. Kind of like the first guy across the ice before everyone else attempts it. Or the one who tastes the hot sauce first then cautions the others. Either way, I love it and upon returning home, I like to take a day or two, when possible, to let the world I just left swirl through my mind and see which ones are the ones I recommend the most. Here is the list for River City Casino and Hotel, located in St. Louis.

Top 10 Things to do

~ 1 ~
Nosh on German Chocolate Pancakes

This is to-do list No. 1 for a reason. I have never seen anything like this anywhere else. Available at Lewy Nine's, no way will you eat this all by yourself, so be prepared to share with tablemates, onlookers and complete strangers as this is a showstopper dish.

~ 2 ~
Book a Director's Suite

If you do not believe these hotel rooms are worth the drive alone, we need to talk. It's a must to experience the Director Suites, with amenities such as glossy magazine-level bedroom, sitting room and.... those bathrooms, wait until you see those.

~ 3 ~

No, you are not the smelly kid, which is a good thing because the shower is big enough for you and four of your closest friends in this spa-like retreat. The tub is a romance-inspiring deep soaking joy just waiting for a couple to slip in and enjoy a Hollywood movie moment.

~ 4 ~
Although there is more than enough to keep busy without stepping onto the gaming floor, go ahead and hit the slots (more than 2000), and throw some dice. There are live dealers (55 tables), which is always more enjoyable, and the top-end venting system makes any nearby smokers a complete non issue.

~ 5 ~
App Up
The free app was so helpful in checking out the entertainment calendar, menus, and a map to keep you going in the right direction. But don't wait until you're there to download it ~ it's great ahead of time for reservations and more. Click here to download.

~ 6 ~
Throw (or eat) a Tomahawk Steak
A great ice breaker meal with friends, coworkers or family and found by order at 1904 Steakhouse,  Let them know when reserving a table that you want the 44 oz. prime ribeye and the optional 8-10 lb. lobster and your group will have plenty to enjoy.

~ 7 ~
Take a Stroll
I mean it... walk throughout the property enjoying the beautiful design, water fountains and other ooh and aah factors. This is not just another casino, folks. I have seen a few in my travels, and this one blew my mind that it is not located on the Las Vegas Strip.

~ 8 ~
Cater Events and Conventions
I am not in the convention-booking field, nor do I set up catered affairs, but if I did ... this is the place dreams are made of. I was priviliged to try out many items from their customizable catering menu and was impressed with how many could be served without losing quality, pricing or flavor.

~ 9 ~
Be Entertained
The ever-changing schedule makes me believe they truly care what their patrons want. It varies with boxing, music of all genres and other shows to keep it fresh. Click for schedule.

~ 10 ~
Toast a Little Lasagna
Seriously ... with St. Louis as the home to toasted ravioli, Executive Chef John Johnson uses his mad culinary skills (and I do mean over-the-top mad skills) to twist things up with this Beerhouse dish. Click here to watch his video on making it at home.

Images ~ E.J.Musgrave

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