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4th Annual Madison Craft Beer Week May 2-11 2014

Continuing my education in craft beer, and knowing my fondness for cheeses, it comes as no surprise that the
following festival interests me. Including one of the nation's largest farmers' markets, this clean city is a fabulous place to visit (or live) with its passion for all things local, beer and cheese.

And ~ Madison, Wisconsin knows its cheese. And... its craft beer. Celebrating their love of craft beer takes on the form of the 4th annual Craft Beer Week. Featuring more than 175 activities in, and around, the well maintained college town at 60 venues gives numerous opportunities for fun, food and... beer.

Give yourself puh-lenty of time to scour the website because it is chock full of every venue's activities throughout the week. Listed by venue, date and type (not by beer which, in my opinion, is a missed opportunity) and with 175 different "activities" there are too many to hit them all.

So... you will most likely need to read through all of it with a highlighter and mark the priority items to catch. Download it here ~ I do like the wide variety, and the fact they are not trying to cram it all in on one day or weekend. Note that these are NOT local craft beers only. They range far and wide geographically speaking. Bars match food to a particular brand and give discounts, restaurants have pairings, and scavenger hunts and other fun can be found at various locations.

Madison Craft Beer Week 2014 Activities
Official Kick-off Celebration and Cask Ale Festival
Brewery parties and/or meet the brewer events
Beer dinners & beer cook offs
Beer education and/or classes
Cheese & beer pairings
Sausage & beer pairings
Chocolate & beer pairings
Beer vs wine night (e.g., beer vs. wine with cheese pairing)
Real ale/bourbon barrel aged/barley wine festivals
Home brewing demonstrations/education
Pub crawls
Bicycle tours
Historical brewery site tours
Scavenger hunt
For schedules, tickets and complete event list, visit

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