Saturday, March 1

Horseshoe Cincinnati Hosts $500,000 Queen City Classic Poker Tourney

I like to bet. I do. On baby birth dates and weights, and on football ~ I know, I know, I don't know a lot about sports. But... I bet anyway. I bet on the pretty outfits. And lose, by the way.

However, I can play Black Jack.

This makes me believe, erroneously, that I can also play Poker. Which, according to most people over the age of 5, I can't. At least not well. I, in fact, have to keep a little card denoting the hierarchy of power: Aces over kings I understand ~ my card reminds me that a pair is lower than three of a kind, and two pairs are higher than three nines. (I think)

Anyway, I can never remember which is straight and which is straight flush and the royal flush is impossible to remember. And no, I don't want to play you this weekend for money, but thanks for offering...

There are many people who can recall which goes where and when you should fold. I, personally, am horrible at bluffing. For those who understand, there exists a pot of gold. Or at least a pot of $500K.

Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati will host the inaugural Queen City Classic poker tournament March 13-24, which promises to pay out a minimum $500,000 prize pool, including a $100,000 main prize.

Reminiscent of the World Series of Poker Circuit event that took place last September at Horseshoe Cincinnati, the 12-day Queen City Classic will be hosted on the Pavilion level of the casino.

Buy-ins for the QCC range from $100 to $1,500 for the main event on March 24. The buy-in for No Limit Hold ‘Em the first day of the tournament is $260. Games for the tournament range from No Limit Hold ‘Em to Omaha, with tournaments designed specifically for seniors. There are also five Bounty series tournaments and 10 Turbo Series tournaments.
Players may register each day of the Classic and are allowed unlimited re-buys. More details at  

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