Tuesday, December 10

Review: Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary DVD

I still remember when I attempted to "fly" like Mary Poppins with my trusty Mary Poppins umbrella ~ off the shed's roof at my parent's house. I was about 9 years old, I believe.

To this day, I wonder how I made it through childhood with my adventures constantly putting me in dangerous paths. I can only assume that the dear nanny was looking out for me that windy day.

We all have films we grew up watching and revisiting them bring that warm wave of nostalgia. Walt Disney, M. L. Travers and the new film, Saving Mr. Banks, brings the Disney classic Mary Poppins, back around as well with its 50th anniversary DVD. It's no surprise that the film comes out during the 50th anniversary year. The release of the two-pack special edition gives a few things the original did not contain.

As a fan of the nanny who flies in to take care of the family in 1910, I looked forward to the release of the DVD. Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke are still enjoyable after all these years. This is a perfect example of how a movie becomes a classic. A story that spans time, values worth applying tour own lives, and extreme talent in the form of actors, lyricists, directors and choreographers, among others. The story, based on the works of P.L. Travers, is strong, flows seamlessly and stands the test of time.

The modern take on the movie consists of the other extras. The disc has a great sing-along, karaoke style for kids, bringing them into the story even more. The making of the film extra is enlightening with the behind-the-scenes-look. Blu Ray is also included in the two-pack, as well as a code so you can watch it on a smartphone.

Special commentary, interviews and conversations with and between costars, and song creators make the DVD a fun way to find out about the making of the movie. Deleted scenes are included, and it is digitally restored.

Bottom Line: Bringing Mary Poppins out of the vault to share with the nest generation can only be described as a scrumpdilicious idea.

For more information on the 50th anniversary edition, visit Disney.com.
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