Tuesday, November 19

El Rodeo Raided in Indianapolis, Fishers, Avon & Other Cities

Oh nooooo ~ goodbye El Rodeo's salsa and chips.

One of Indianapolis' favorite Mexican restaurants, and salsa contest winner of GottaGo.us, has been searched, closed and locked.

Why did El Rodeo get raided and why is it closed? Locations in Lafayette, Avon, Richmond and Indianapolis were raided Monday, November 18, before noon.

Police in several counties were part of the search warrant-backed bust at numerous locations, including the Avon residence of owner/manager Gina Santana. Boxes and other items were carried out of the home, according to witnesses, and the police spent approximately two hours inside. Restaurants throughout several counties were also searched with boxes of items carried out by police officers. Indiana State Police officers served the search warrants.

Although rumors are circling about human- and drug-trafficking, police are staying silent about the true cause of the multi-county sweep, giving no clues as to the reason behind the investigation.

Let's hope that it isn't true. However, considering it included all 20 locations throughout several counties, and multiple police stations, chances are it wasn't the guacamole.

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