Wednesday, November 13

Circle of Lights includes Santa's Mailbox

One of my favorite memories from Christmases of long is writing to Santa Claus. Positive he (or at the very least one of his trusty elves) would pen a reply.To be honest, I can't remember if he ever did.

What I do remember, however, is the trip to take the letter to the post office. The excitement of getting the letter just right, decorating the envelope to the point the address was almost indecipherable, and the satisfaction when I dropped the letter in the slot.

To this day one of my must-watch holidays movies annually is "The Christmas List." Starring Mimi Rogers. The film (1997) reiterates the feeling that goodness brings happiness when the main character mails her grown-up Christmas wish list letter to Santa Claus. This feeling spills over from another favorite, Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," which instills the warm-fuzzies with the knowledge that human kindness can break down any barrier and mean people can be rehabilitated.

So how do the children in your life get this over-the-top feeling this holiday season? Encourage them to write (cursive if possible, please), decorate and mail a letter to the jolly old elf ~ personally.


Santa Claus (or maybe his helpers) has installed an official mailbox at the Circle of Lights location ~ Soldiers and Sailors Monument ~ in downtown Indianapolis. Accepting letters to Father Christmas through December 12, the mailbox is decorated with Santa and reindeer likenesses. Sitting on the east side of Monument Circle, the box faces Market Street, but I encourage you to make it an event. Park the car (much like my father), and enjoy the lights, sip hot chocolate and create lifetime memories for the tots.

Each year, this holiday mailbox is installed for children of all ages to drop off their letters addressed to Santa. And to every child’s delight, Santa himself personally answers each letter that has a return address. In 2012, more than 5,000 letters were sent to Santa.

*** Letters must have a return address for Santa to reply. (A self-addressed, stamped envelope is appreciated)

**Special Note** The lighting ceremony of Circle of Lights is presented by the wonderful folks known as Contractors of Quality Connection and Electrical Workers of IBEW #481. These people work hard annually, selflessly giving of their time in the cold weather to make this happen for all of us to enjoy. The official lighting ceremony will take place Friday evening, Nov. 29 on Monument Circle. More than 100,000 holiday enthusiasts are expected to attend Indiana’s largest, annual, FREE public gathering now in its 51st year.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the mailbox info. This is our first experience dropping a letter to Santa and I wouldn't have thought of the self-addressed, stamped envelope. My 4 year old is going to flip her lids!