Friday, July 26

Wine Review: Wine App Launches at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

When reviewing wines, there are many accessories, tools and gadgets that complement the word of wine enthusiasts and I enjoy checking out as many as possible. Case in point: Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar has launched a useful item called the WiNEPAD.

The custom app on an iPad assists diners with their selection from Fleming's rather extensive list. As daunting as a typical wine list is, the steakhouse's wine offerings are almost overwhelming in its options.

Enter the WiNEPAD. Hand delivered to the table by a server or wine steward, the iPad was developed by Fleming's national wine director Maeve Pesquera and national IT training coordinator Craig Sheppard.
What it is:
Available at all 65 locations, nationwide, the app has a user-friendly touch screen which the guest uses to select their entree and the app offers pairing choices. Tasting notes, labels and the story behind some of the wines are also on the gadget.

What's Your Mood-allows you to choose based on your whim of the moment. In the mood for a white, fruity wine? No problem, touch the button and several choices pop up for your perusal. Ready for a big red? It has those, also. Ten moods with various options should match any mood you are feeling.

Wine List-gives the entire rundown available, categorized by lightest to fullest by region and varietal. Local selections by the wine manager and the famous Fleming's 100 (wines by the glass) is also sorted out for you.

Maeve's Raves-Selections by the creator of the software and the chain's wine guru, Pesquera gives insights to the various favorites.

Perfect Pairings-Based on the guest's food selection, three options are suggested.

Spin the Bottle-In the mood for a surprise? Touch the bottle icon and watch it spin and land on your choice for wine, selected randomly.

Share This Wine-Email yourself the wine you liked or didn't in order to remember on your next visit. The name, notes and image of the label arrives promptly to your inbox.

Friend of Fleming’s-sign up for wine tastings, seasonal menus and more from the iPad.

Tonight’s Features-Lets you know what is going on at the steakhouse nightly.

What I liked: I like having the entire wine menu presented in a lightweight iPad that is updated constantly rather than trying to hold a heavy book of choices that is often in need of updating as in some restaurants.

What I would like to see: A way to suggest personal favorites to the wine director directly on the app, and thoughts on the selections. More of an interactive software.

Bottom Line: Fleming's WiNEPAD is fun, informative and easy to use for those who are interested in wine without fuss.

Elizabeth J. Musgrave is a syndicated fine-living, travel columnist, freelance writer and photographer, and performing arts and restaurant critic for Gotta Go. Read Infused, her spirits, wine & beer lifestyle column, at and and catch her as Indy’s Entertainment Adviser on 93 WIBC. Gotta Go is published on,, an in print. Follow her on Twitter @GottaGo, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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