Monday, July 1

Sammy Terry Dies at 83

Sammy Terry (Robert Carter) 1929- June 30, 2013
Sammy Terry (nee Robert "Bob" Carter) who appeared as the ghoulish character "Sammy Terry" during the 1960s, '70s and '80s as host on late night "Nightmare Theater," and "Shock Theater," has died. Terry appeared on local television affiliate WTTV in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The weekend popular program showed two films with break commentary by the host. The host would play with his faithful pet spider, George, and chat with the audience.

Outside of the campy, B-movie show, Carter owned and managed his music store, Family Music Center,  on Indy's east side.
Carter had lived for the past several years in a retirement community, passing away Sunday. A public viewing is expected to be arranged and announced.

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