Saturday, June 22

Theater Review: Monty Python's Spamalot

Based on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," the spoof, "Monty Python's Spamalot," continues in Indianapolis through June 29 (Click here for show times and tickets) at the Athenaeum, 407 E. Michigan St.

Apparently, according to those who read this column, there is something sorely lacking in my life having never seen any Monty Python film or Spamalot.  Well, that has changed now.

The review of the BobDirex production was a must for me ~ even without the insistence of hecklers on FB and Twitter. Simply because of the lineup and knowing Kenny Shepard is choreographing the comedy of blunders. The cast list is a who's who of Indy theater favorites: Charles Goad, Paul Hansen, Claire Wilcher, Sally Scharbrough, Dave Ruark, Danny Kingston and Pete Scharbrough.

New to me (but worth keeping track of) is Ben Asaykwee of Cabaret Poe at Q Artistry.

The cast, as a whole, is so enjoyable you feel as if you, the audience, is in on some fabulous practical joke and for a couple of hours are immersed in hilarity times 10 ~ at a silly, sophomore level. It is fun and portrayed with the professionalism one expects from this level of talent to produce.
Each pairing ~ Goad/Hansen, Wicher/Goad, Asaykwee/Kingston, et al ~ plays out with supreme rhythm and without missing a beat, no matter what the circumstances. There is no need to highlight only or or two actors, as is usual, when the entire cast shines.

Bottom Line: Spamalot is easily going to rank in the "Must See" lists of everyone and I won't be surprised to see an encore production required.

Images: Zack Rosing

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