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Infused: Wanted Top 10 Indianapolis (Indy) 500 Inspired Cocktails 2013

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Indianapolis is currently infused with the annual excitement that surrounds 500 miles of fast-paced adrenaline. With Indianapolis 500 2013 quickly approaching, once again, I've decided to dedicate a column to drinks inspired by the "Greatest Spectacle in Racing."

Anyone wishing to submit a recipe, along with contact information and an image, please do so by May 13, 2013. The company, mixologist, sommelier, restaurant, or bar's name will be featured, along with the bartender, recipe and image for the drinks chosen. Those selected as the Greatest Spectacle in Cocktails will be announced online with the image, recipe and contact information.

Here's the format for information needed:

 Cocktail: Smoke-n-Milk
Company: Drambuie

Creator: Anthony Caporale, spirit ambassador

Inspiration: After winning his second Indy 500 race in 1933, Louis Meyer requested a glass of buttermilk. He requested another glass in '36 after winning his third title, but instead received a bottle. With three fingers raised, he was captured by a photographer while drinking from that bottle, and the marketing opportunity wasn't lost on a local dairy executive. Unaware that Meyer was drinking buttermilk, the executive offered a bottle of milk to the winners of all future races, and milk has been presented at the conclusion of almost every Indy 500 since then. In honor of that tradition, Drambuie offers up an homage to this classic racing libation.

Recipe: In a shaker tin, half filled with ice, add 1 oz DRAMBUIE, 1/2 oz Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch, shake until the tin is frosted, add 1 oz milk, swirl to chill thoroughly. Pour into a rocks glass, add 1 dash Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters, garnish with an orange twist. Serve with a cocktail stirrer.

Where: w:
Twitter: @drambuie

The main objective is the drink MUST contain alcohol, wine and/or beer and MUST be inspired by the Indy 500.

Not just any drink will do. We receive lots of fun cocktails with great stories and we are looking forward to showcasing yours!

Questions can be sent to me at or

And, just like with that bold and daring great race ~ Anything goes....

Tickets, schedule and directions:

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