Wednesday, April 3

Theater Review: Broadway Across America ~ Indianapolis: American Idiot

American Idiot opens this week in Indianapolis, running through Sunday, April 7, at Clowes Memorial Hall, on Butler University campus.The punk-pop opera features tunes from the Green Day album, with extra songs added in to the delight of fans.

With a story line that is none too original, the performance starts out loud and raucous becoming more so as the tempers, frustrations and desperation mounts within the main characters, Johnny, Will and Tunny. Three friends wanting to shed their boring, do-nothing, suburban lives post high school, aim to go to the city for all the action they believe will make their lives count for something more. Will and Tunny, portrayed by Casey O'Farrell and Thomas Hettrick, "escape" to the city sans Johnny, played by Alex Nee, whose girlfriend has become pregnant.

O"Farrell, Hettrick and Nee rock the stage and audience with an opening of approximately minutes worth of their emotional outburst, squarely letting the world know they are ready for action.
The setting is wired for audio/visual with about two dozens television sets of varying sizes, strobe lights, and all the other punk-rock fixtures you would imagine at their concert. If you are prone to migraines or are adverse to ultra-loud noises, it would be best to skip this show.

Heather, played by Kennedy Caughell, and Whatsername, portrayed by Alyssa DiPalma, added decidedly to the quality of vocal talent produced by the main trio. Although the music was too loud to understand the men more often than not, the females were able to be understood and appreciated much more.

Bottom Line: With a setting of stark reality, an aerial performance midstream and an in-your-face visual and audio attack to the senses, fans of American Idiot and Green Day will not be disappointed by this performance.

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