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Lorene Burkhart Donates 100% of Book Sales March 14 to Indy Reads

What's better than supporting a local writer? Supporting a local writer who is donating 100 percent of her book sales to Indy Reads, that marvelous nonprofit group teaching Central Indiana how to read.

Author, public speaker and philanthropist Lorene Burkhart has decided to give back to her community ~ again. This time around, the Indianapolis pillar has partnered with nonprofit group Indy Reads.

What's Indy Reads? Just a little ole group of individuals who are lot like that little bitty ant climbing the rubber tree plant. They have high hopes. The organization dares to believe that it can make a difference. A difference in an area that is difficult to fathom in this day and age. Seriously...doesn't everyone know how to read?


More years ago than I would care to admit, I was on the original Project Literacy group in, where else, the Ozark Mountains. Our goal was to teach adults how to read and write. Fast forward a few lifetimes to today's adult. Illiteracy is a thing of the past ~ right?


Illiteracy it still a very real problem. Little Johnny and Janie aren't getting left behind, technically. They are graduating... or at least passed on the the next higher grade. However, and this is just a tad bit important... they don't necessarily learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

Some folks want to help them accomplish what the majority of us take for granted ~ the ability to read their children's report cards, the newspaper, a job application.

You feel bad, right?

You want to help, right?

But... reality is what it is... you have a full-time job, kids of your own and, well, a life to tend to.

No problem. There's a solution.

Burkhart and Indy Reads have a book signing March 14, 5-7 p.m. at the bookstore, 941 Massachusetts Ave. It's free to come, sit awhile, hear the author speak and then... buy a book written by the Hoosier storyteller. Heck, buy a couple or three of them. She will sign the books, then (and this is rather amazing...) she will donate 100 percent of the proceeds right back to our super hero illiteracy-busting group.


Just like that... you've helped and can get back to the soccer games, dinner together and your boss while feeling rather proud that you truly helped in a practical way which means just as much as the volunteers who sit down with the Central Indiana adults.

I will stop by and hope you will stop in also. Buy those books, say hello to Lorene and give yourself an ever-so-slight smile knowing you did the right thing.

The Books to Buy
Bootstraps: How Women Pull Themselves Up Through Tough Times (2012)

Sick of Doctors? A Prescription for Patient Empowerment (2010)

Animal Tales: It’s All About the Tails (2010)

Home on The Farm: If Chickens Could Talk (2007)

An Accidental Pioneer: A Farm Girl’s Drive to the Finish…(2006)

About Burkhart's Books
Burkhart’s newest title, Bootstraps: How Women Pull Themselves Up Through Tough Times, features the inspiring stories of 20 women who found themselves facing adversity and how they overcame these circumstances. In 2010, Burkhart published Sick of Doctors? A Prescription for Patient Empowerment with information and stories designed for patient healthcare education. Her first two books, Home on The Farm: If Chickens Could Talk and An Accidental Pioneer: A Farm Girl’s Drive to the Finish, chronicle her perspective on family farm life. For children, Burkhart has written Animal Tales, a fact-filled book of animals from around the world, and the Raccoon Tales series, two fun board book adventure stories.

About Indy Reads and Indy Reads Books
Indy Reads exists to teach adults in Central Indiana to read and improve their literacy. With more than 1400 students and 800 volunteers, the organization strives to make Central Indiana 100 percent literate.

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