Thursday, February 28

Book Review: Dizzy by Arthur Wooten

Here’s the thing I like about Arthur Wooten’s work (Leftovers, Birthday Pie, Wise Bear William): You forget you are holding a book. Sounds odd, I know, as I am an avid reader, a writer and lover of turning actual paper pages. However… when you are so absorbed in the story, you forget it is a story…that’s a winner.

Wooten’s storytelling ability continues to entertain while reaching into your spirit and soul to share serious topics with "Dizzy" his latest tale.

Spinning the glamour of Broadway, Wooten immediately launches into a warm, likable character with Angie Styles. Opening with the star chatting with her chauffeur – and bodyguard – Jake, the stage performer draws you into her world with a down-to-earth personality, and a touch of fun-diva attitude.

As a success story, with respect and admiration from colleagues and fans alike, Styles’ background is delved into little by little. Stricken by a rare medical condition (which she shares with the author)called bilateral vestibulopathy with oscillopsia. Difficult to pronounce, more difficult to understand and even more difficult to live with, the illness brings the entertainer crashing to the ground – literally.

Unable to walk straight, focus or balance upright, Styles becomes fodder for the paparazzi piranha who make ratings by portraying the ailing star as having an addiction to alcohol. Using her sardonic humour and courage, Styles fights her way back onto the stage and to a new level of “normal” with the aid of her friends and her own courage at facing reality.

Bottom Line: Easy to imagine this story on the big screen, Dizzy reads so smoothly you will not put it down until the last page has been turned and you are applauding the ending.

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About the author: Arthur Wooten is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Wise Bear William, Birthday Pie, Leftovers, On Picking Fruit and Fruit Cocktail. He has also written for television, theater and film and currently resides in New York City.


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