Monday, January 14

Infused: Wanted The Best Valentine's Day Inspired Cocktails

Think you or your mixologist have the best recipe for a cocktail inspired by Valentine's Day? I will be featuring Valentine's Day-inspired cocktails in Infused, giving readers the Top Ten best entries to enjoy and create.

All recipes, images and contact information for the submission need to be in via email at, by Monday, February 4, posting will occur the week of February 14. This will be a fun way for readers to enjoy cocktails made with great products and inspired by a romantic holiday.

All entries must include images for the cocktail and all of the below information. Please remember to send the Twitter handle/link and website link. This helps the readers go immediately to you and check out how wonderful your company, bar, restaurant, et al, is and follow you on Twitter.

No stress, just fun!

Those chosen will be featured in Infused, on and Food Digital. E-mail submissions only are required, no physical attendance needed for this one.

Please send an email for shipping address if sending samples.

Include (in order and completely) the following information:

1) Cocktail's themed name

2) Bar/company/restaurant/mixologist/winery name and location

3) Website and Twitter handle so readers can check you out!

4) Recipe, including measurements, garnish and glassware

5) Inspiration for drink-obviously Valentine's, but what exactly inspired you to make this particular drink?

6) Image-Please make sure it is a good quality.

This is open to anyone within the spirits/wine/beer/restaurant realm including mixologists, bars, fine dining, bartenders, sommeliers, hotels, companies, spirit entrepreneurs, et cetera. The idea is to feature cocktails inspired by Valentine's Day and all the romantic feelings about the holiday. Let your imagination run wild with this can go many directions: Candy hearts, chocolates, Cupid, roses, romance, romantic vacation spot with your sweetheart, lace, romantic movies or get the idea!

***Special Note***

Several cocktails were disqualified for the last Top 10 cocktail lists due to the drink name and/or inspiration missing or not applicable to the theme. Let's see your best THEMED drink! Sending in a cocktail with a non-themed name and/or inspiration will make it on the naughty list and won't make it on the nice list.
(Ex. sending a chocolate martini with the liqueur brand as the name or stating it is inspired by your love of chocolate has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. However, a chocolate martini with a heart-shape floating in it ~ named and inspired by Godiva chocolates ~ would work.

Feel free to email or call with questions and comments.

Elizabeth J. Musgrave is a syndicated fine-living, travel columnist, freelance writer, photographer, and performing arts and restaurant critic for Gotta Go. Read Infused, her spirits, wine & beer lifestyle column, at and and catch her as Indy’s Entertainment Adviser on 93 WIBC. Gotta Go is published on,, and in print. Follow her on Twitter @GottaGo, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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