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Infused: Cookbook Review: The Butch Bakery Cookbook

I enjoy reviewing cookbooks, especially when it involves creating something that stands out in a field inundated with cookbooks. “The Butch Bakery Cookbook” by David Arrick has done just that with “man-inspired” cupcakes infused with whiskey, rum and other adult flavors.

Created by Arrick, (former Wall Street suit-wearer) the owner of Butch Bakery, New York City, along with Janice Kollar, former owner of Kollar Cookies, NYC, created a book rich with recipes and delectable images by Jason Wyche. The step-by-step guide takes readers on a journey illustrating the importance of quality ingredients, stepping outside the box and having fun while making cupcakes.

If you have always wondered why there is no bacon on the trending, tiny cakes, wonder no more. Arrick recognizes the importance of appealing to a man’s taste buds and applies various “manly” ingredients, including pork, peanut butter and root beer. No sparkles, polka dots or fancy glitter appear in these recipes. However, if women want to commit to the old adage, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” she won’t go wrong with this collection.

Giving specific instructions on needs prior to starting each baking project, the bakery owner gets the mindset of men and applies the correct style of writing: efficient, direct and appealing chapter titles. “Desserts for Dudes,” includes boot camp, exact needs for the male baker’s toolbox and other pertinent information. After that, chapters are named for the type of goodie recipes included: “Play Ball,” “Touchdown” and “Barbecue” to name a few.

Don’t be discouraged that this is just another collection of cupcake recipes. The ingredients will put that idea right out of your head. Craving a chili dog? It’s in here, along with the secret ingredient of cayenne powder. The Chocolate Stout Cupcakes, aka Beer Run, hits the Guinness tap for both the cake and topping. Defense Defense’s red velvet cupcake gets topped with a Jack Daniels’ frosting.

Having ladies over? Mojitos are jazzed up via dark rum, lime zest and cream cheese. A Rum and Coke is baked goodness due to a heavy dose of rum raisins, white chocolate chips and nutmeg perks up the adult-style dessert named “Big Papi.” The B-52 makes a splash with a Kahlua-soaked Madagascar cupcake with a Bailey's Bavarian filling.

The Old-fashioned, once a standard male drink gets a contemporary touch with this baked version of whiskey, orange zest and bitters. The Side Car shimmies up to the bar stool in its cupcake liner and filled with brandy, Cointreau and butter-cream frosting.

“Butch’s Baking Lesson” included after every recipe gives the must-not-forget detail, while, also at the end of the recipes, are handy mix-and-match ideas, alternative recipes and “Plan of Attack” hints and tips.

Bottom Line: “The Butch Bakery Cookbook” is certain to be a favorite with men ~ and anyone cooking with men in mind.

Image provided by Wiley Press
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