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Infused: Sassy at 88, Ethel's Brews offers Beer Cocktail recipes

Ethel's Brew, a Brooklyn-based brewery (say that 3 times fast) has opened in the borough with a distinct style unlike most. Your grandmother. The octogenarian face for the company, Ethel, leads the way in your craft beer adventures.

EB takes its Euro-style busty blonde and brews it with three different malts, several varieties of hops and a French barley.
The 6% ABV brew is named after Ethel Goldschmidt, a beer enthusiast with plenty of tang, just like her brew. She enjoys beer so much she took Burt's, her deceased husband, dream of brewing and turned into a reality. Not that she was inclined to name it after him, however. Ethel is like that. Feisty, straight forward and slightly flirty.

And Ethel? Is she busty and blonde? She is 88 years old and openly admits,and shows, all her sagging self with plenty of sass and humor. Various photos on the company's website and social media sites portray her in a swimsuit or lounging on settee with a beer in her hand and a humorous saying.

She reminds me of the Golden Girls gone bad. I am not even certain whether Ethel actually exists or is just a great advertising figure --- like Mr. Whimple or those guys from Gallo Wines.

The kolsch-style German ale is the first in Ethel's expanding family of ales. The company's ultimate goal is to include IPAs and foreigh-style stouts. For now, Ethel's Brew comes in 12 oz. bottles at local pubs and bars.

With cocktails being created from different origins, such as Champagne, these days, it's no surprise the New York micro brew has invented its own "brewtail". And how does Ethel feel about this mixing of her favorite amber with other flavors?

Keeping true to spunky form, Ethel created a cocktail and named it...after herself and a particular body part. I will let you go to the website ( to get the full name of the drink. Here, I will just share the recipe...

Ethel's Cocktail
3 oz. Ethel's Brew
3 oz. vodka
Pink lemonade

Shake over ice and pour into cocktail glass. Garnish with fresh mint.

Images provided by Ethel's Brew

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