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Infused: Fuzzy Zoeller Cocktails for Indianapolis 500 Include Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker

Although the Infused Top 10 Indianapolis 500-inspired Cocktails List was published a couple of weeks ago, (click here to read and drool) these recipes have been submitted to me by Fuzzy Zoeller's Ultimate Premium Vodka, the official vodka for the IZOD IndyCar Series.

The folks here at Infused thought these deserve a mention as well, particularly as they include the high-quality mixer from Indiana's cocktail mix goddess Hoosier Momma. At Fuzzy's Happy Hour for the media in Indianapolis Motor Speedway's Pagoda's 5th floor plush club, some of these tasty drinks were available for tasting.

So I did.

Fuzzy’s Checkered Flag Lemonade  and Fuzzy’s Start Your Engines Hoosier Mary won top spots and are part of the collection of recipes below. Shake, stir or pour, whatever your preference, and let me know which is your favorite.

Fuzzy’s Hole-In-One Martini
Chilled Martini Glass
Fill ice filled shaker with the following:
3 oz Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
Splash of Olive Juice
Shake vigorously.
Strain into chilled Martini Glass
Garnish: Blue Cheese Stuffed Olive

12 oz Glass
Fill with ice
2 oz Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
Fill with tonic
Squeeze of lime
Garnish: Two Lime Wedges

Fuzzy’s Start Your Engines Hoosier Mary
12 oz Glass
Rim glass with salt
Fill with ice
2 oz Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
Garnish: Celery, Olive and Lime Wedge

12 oz Glass
Fill with Ice
1 ½ oz Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
Fill with Sprite/Sierra Mist
½ oz Rose’s Blue Raspberry Infusion
Garnish: Lime Wheel

Fuzzy’s Checkered Flag Lemonade
12 oz Glass
Fill with ice
1 ½ oz Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka
4 oz lemonade
¾ oz Strawberry Puree
Shake well.
Splash of Sprite/Sierra Mist on top.
Garnish: Lime Wheel

To buy, locate retailers, and more recipes, visit these websites:
Photos: Hoosier Momma, LLC; Fuzzy's Ultra Premium Vodka

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