Tuesday, February 14

St. Valentine's Day 2012: A rose by any other colour...

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again…it seems to happen every year about this time, doesn’t it? Well, there are traditions which must be upheld and who am I to stand in the way of tradition?

Flowers. Brownie points are high for the fragrant blossoms. Send the bouquet to her workplace and score mega-brownie points; especially since it lands on Tuesday this year. Not only does she appreciate the flowers, she gets the ultimate fun­­: bragging rights.

That's right gentemen; ladies love to have the Greatest Guy trophy, which gets passed around among her female coworkers, friends and family on a constant rotation. If she gets to take home the invisible award, you get all the glory because she is feeling ultimately adored by you and knows that everyone she knows is aware of the adoration…not bad for a few long stems wrapped up with baby’s breath.

The number one flower sent? The rose continues to hold the top spot. In fact, according to the American Society of American Florists, 190 million roses are estimated to be sold this year alone. My research found that colour is of the utmost importance in conveying the correct meaning through floriography, the art of speaking with flowers.

Choose carefully when deciding which colour to send or hand-deliver. Sending the wrong hue can send the wrong signal.

If you are friends with a lady and would like to keep the relationship at a platonic level, send yellow. It’s the sign of friendship whether a pale or deep gold. Send this colour to a woman you would like to get serious about and you may find yourself moved to the "buddy" category.

White petals signify everlasting and undying love. These may be sent to a long-term love, past the youthful stage of infatuation. White petals are much more pure than its passionate counterpart, the red rose.
The intensity of the fiery red colour should parallel the intensity of the sender’s passion for the receiver; the darker the shade, the stronger the passion.

Coral and orange blooms show desire is definite, with a touch of fascination or bewitched emotions intertwined. Peach shows appreciation, not passion; reserve this color for family members or coworkers, not your significant other.

Struck by a lightning bolt at first meeting? Send lavender or purple petals. This color, whether softly-hued or a deep, rich purple, represents enchantment, or love, at first sight.

Finally, take into account likes and dislikes of the receiver when sending flowers. If you know her heart’s desire is a color that signifies other than passionate emotions, remember that making her feel happy and romanced is what it is all about.
Elizabeth J. Musgrave is a syndicated columnist, travel writer, performing arts and restaurant critic. Catch her as Indy’s Arts & Entertainment Adviser on 93 WIBC, and follow her on Twitter @GottaGo and Facebook. Gotta Go is published in the following newspapers: South Sider Voice, Indiana Weekender, New Palestine Reporter, Pendleton Times Reporter and Fortville-McCordsville Reporter.

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