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Theater Review: Beef and Boards: Singin' in the Rain

Timothy Ford as Don Lockwood
Classics become classics because they resonate with a majority of people and stand the test of time. Singin' in the Rain is one of those stories, becoming a hit film in 1952 starring Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds.

The musical romantic comedy's story line revolves around the transition from silent movies to "talkies" in 1927. Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre, 9301 Michigan Rd., Indianapolis, brings in some of their heavy hitters for this well known tale, including Timothy Ford (White Christmas) and destination actors Jeff Stockberger (Annie Get Your Gun) and Sarah Hund (Smoke on the Mountain). Large talent behind the scenes is also needed to tackle a show as well loved as this one and bringing in the stage design talent of Michael Layton takes this stage to the level it deserves.
Ford and Hund

Ford is the very essence of old Hollywood glamour with his interpretation of silent film star Don Lockwood, enamoring the audience with his boyish charm and wistful longing for true love. Dancing the famous footwork with near perfection, his enjoyment was understood by all that he was in top form in this role. Coupled on the silver screen with Lockwood is Hund's Lina Lamont.

Aah, Sarah Hund...

Douglas E. Holmes and Sarah Hund
What can possibly be written about this multitalented performer that has not already been inked? If ever there was a role created for this woman with such dynamic stage presence it is this one. But, then again, the same words can be (and probably have been) said about every single role she has performed. Hund's comedic timing is sharper than ever, her vocal abilities even more fine-tuned and her ability to speak with only a glance or nod continue to shine ever more polished.
Shepard and Ford
Lockwood's love interest, Kathy Selden, portrayed by Sara Brophy, wanes in the romantic moments but returns with credibility during the feisty lover spats, singing and dance numbers.

Stockberger impresses with his low-key style as stressed studio head R.F. Simpson. He also directs the black and white shorts shown, much to the delight of the audience, on a drop-down screen.
Other notable performances include Doug King as Lockwood's best friend Cosmo Brown, enchanting all with his top-quality dance numbers and slapstick abilities, Douglas E. Holmes as Roscoe Dexter and Kenny Shepard as the diction coach.
King, Holmes, Hund and Stockberger
Bottom Line: Strong performances, zany antics and dazzling footwork make Beef and Boards' Singin' in the Rain a must-see this year in Indianapolis' theater season lineup.

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