Thursday, August 4

Devour Downtown Signature Drink Competition 2011


                                                GREY GOOSE
Winning Drink: Peach Paradise Froth
Bartender: Kenny Gardner
Restaurant: Tavern on South
1 1/2 oz Grey Goose, 1 oz St. Germain, 3/4 oz Lime Juice, 3/4 oz Pasteurized Liquid Egg White, 1/2 oz Simple Syrup, 2 slices of peach
In a shaker muddle 2 slices of peach with simple syrup. Add Grey Goose, St. Germain, Lime Juice, Egg White, and a scoop of Ice. Shake vigorously and pour into a large rocks glass. The egg white will rise to the top to make a froth on top of the cocktail. Garnish with an orange peel.

2nd Place
Bartender: Candace Anastasio
Restaurant: St. Elmo Steak House
Strawberry Basil Cooler
Grey Goose Orange 1 ½ oz, Fresh Strawberry puree ½ oz, Fresh Basil (crushed/ rolled) Fresh Sweet Sour 1 ½ oz
Over ice in a High Ball
                                               3rd Place
                                               Bartender: Brooke Showalter
                                               Restaurant: shelBi street caFe & Bistro
                                               Golden Goose
2oz Grey Goose, 3/4oz Ginger Brandy, 3/4oz Mango Puree, 1/4 Fresh Lime, Barritts Ginger Beer (or Gingerale)
Chill a Cocktail Glass. In a shaker of ice add Grey Goose, Ginger Brandy, Mango Puree, and squeeze 1/4 of a fresh lime. Shake until chilled and strain into cocktail glass. Top with a good splash of Ginger Beer (or Gingerale). Garnish with a lime.

                                          Winning Drink: Scottish Right      
                                          Bartender: Amy Marie Fischer
                                          Restuarant: Scotty's Brewhouse
2 oz. Hendrick's Gin, 3 Lime wedges, 6 Mint Sprigs, Simple syrup, 1 1/2 oz. Pineapple Juice, 1 1/2 oz. Pomegranate Juice
Muddle limes, mint & simple syrup. Add all other ingredients with ice. Shake in tin, pour in a highball glass. Enjoy!

2nd Place
                                                       Bartender: Chris Nelson
                                                   Restaurant: Severin Bar and Grill
                                                    The Hendrick's Experience
Recipe3 oz Hendrick's Gin, 6 leaves fresh basil, 6 slices cucumber, 2 lime wedges, 2 lemon wedges, splash of 7up
In a mixing glass combine 6 leaves fresh basil, 5 slices cucumber, 2 lime wedges, and 2 lemon wedges. Muddle. Add 3 oz Hendrick's Gin and a scoop of ice. Shake until well chilled. Double strain into a chilled martini glass. Top off with splash of 7up. Garnish with a cucumber slice.

3rd Place
                                                      Bartender: Robert Young
Restaurant: McCormick & Schmicks
                                                             Strong Hendricks
3 cucumber slices, 1/2 oz simple syrup, 3/4 oz Hendricks gin, 1 oz Rodney Strong sauvignon blanc
muddle 2 cucumber slices, add 1/2 oz simple syrup, 3/4 oz Hendricks gin. Shake vigorously. Strain into martini shell. Fill with Rodney Strong sauvignon blanc .

                                           Winning Drink: Bitter Creek
                                           Bartender: Ruth Flores
                                           Restaurant: Elbow Room Pub
1 1/4 oz knob creek, 1/2 oz orange liquer, splash Bitters, splash of sours, garnish with orange sliceAdd each ingredient in a mixing glass, shake and pour over the rocks

2nd Place
Bartender: Eleisia Rock
Restaurant: Harry & Izzy's
Honey Bee

8 grapes, 1/2 oz. honey simple syrup,  1 1/2oz. Knob Creek, 1/2 oz. apple juice
muddle 8 grapes with 1/2oz. of honey and a splash of simple syurp.  Add Ice add 11/2oz. of Knob Creek, add 1/2oz. of apple juice. Shake, Strain in to a martini glass. Garnish with two frozen grapes cut in half dip cut part into sugar and put on skewer.

3rd Place
Bartender: Michael Gray
Restaurant: Turner's at the Canterbury
Wayworn Road
.25 oz. Black Pepper Corn Syrup, 3-4 dashes Jerry Thomas Bitters by Bitter Truth, Snapped Thyme Sprig, 2 oz. Knob Creek Bourbon, Topped with Sparkling Water Peligrino (preferred)In shaker Snap 1 sprig of thyme, add 3-4 dashes of Jerry Thomas Bitters by Bitter Truth, add .25 oz. Black Pepper Corn Syrup, add ice and 2 oz. Knob Creek Bourbon. Shake well and strain into Old Fashioned glass full of ice. Top with Sparkling water, Peligrino is preferred. Garnish with a thyme sprig and lemon twist.

Elizabeth J. Musgrave is a syndicated columnist, travel writer, performing arts and restaurant critic. Catch her as Indy’s Arts & Entertainment Adviser on 93 WIBC, and follow her on Twitter @ejmusgrave1 and Facebook. Gotta Go is published in the following newspapers: South Sider Voice, Indiana Weekender, New Palestine Reporter, Pendleton Times Reporter and Fortville-McCordsville Reporter.


Julie Bolejack said...

Tough job judging, thanks for being a trooper :)

Elizabeth J. Musgrave said...

Very tough, but I hung in there, Julie, lol! I always enjoy working with Devour Downtown. Indy is fun and so is the event.