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Restaurant Review: Square Rootz Deli

Square Rootz Deli, located in the heart of Indy's historic Fountain Square neighborhood, was recommended to me by New Day Meadery owner, Tia Agnew. The deli is located at 1110 E. Prospect St., just two doors down from Circle City's newest winery.
My first trip to Square Rootz was a quick stop in for a take-out order. When you enter the deli, the laid back attitude steps up to greet you. Concerned with giving back, owner Jeff Reuter makes room for a local vinyl record dealer's wares on the left side of the dining area and artwork from an Indy-area school on the right-side walls.
The Beefy sandwich
I ordered the Beefy sandwich ($8) and a side of a grape salad ($1.85). The sammy came wrapped in butcher paper and was marked BEEFY, I like that.
It was piled with juicy beef and served on grilled rye bread. Pepper Jack cheese blends in with the horseradish sauce, lettuce and red onions, taking it up notches from most zesty sandwiches. The grape salad includes grapes coated with a cream cheese dip and nuts. This meal could prove to be addicting.

The second visit happened, unfortunately, while the owner (Reuter) was in and upfront so I was spotted during my review. If you know me, you'll know that won't alter the rating a bit, however. I just prefer to let you know when it happens. He is as personable as his staff and the service proved as friendly and helpful (and patient) during the subsequent visit.
My order, a Reuben sandwich ($8), came with 4 oz. corned beef, 1000 Island dressing, and sauerkraut. The dressing is mixed with the kraut to prevent dripping.
The Reuben sandwich
I was more impressed with the Beefy than the Reuben. The Beefy was juicier, seemed more filling and more of a value as I had plenty for leftovers. If you are comfortable paying $8 for a Reuben, and the dripping of sauerkraut juices has been problematic, then you might want to try this one. I have a difficult time recommending $8 for any sandwich, even the Beefy. was large enough for two, which justifies it in my mind.
The website ( is fun, informative, loads quickly and promotes the personality of the eatery online. In fact, I would say it is one of the best I have seen for a restaurant. The one drawback is the events tab which has no listings for the current or upcoming months. It may have been discontinued and not deleted. Otherwise, it is a great site with directions, map, and contact information (including the owner's name) listed prominently, along with complete menus.
Bottom Line: Offering great sandwiches with unique twists, Square Rootz Deli is located conveniently to bring good deli food to the Fountain Square area.
3.5 out of 5

Reviews are based on the traditional 1-5 stars in six separate categories: Appearance, Menu, Service, Product, Style and Website. Why websites? My unofficial poll revealed the majority of people check a site before deciding where to put their money.

Photos: Elizabeth J. Musgrave
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Amy said...

Square Rootz is a good addition to Fountain Square. You're right about the atmosphere and about the owner and staff being very friendly. The food, to me, is hit or miss. Some things are quite tasty and hit the spot. Others, like the pasta salad, are just ho-hum. The up side is that the menu is so extensive, there's almost always something new-to-me to try.