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Capri Ristorante Cookbook Review

Arturo di Rosa (right)
Capri Ristorante: The Flavors of Italian Tradition is the  recipe book created with love (or should I say, "creato con amore"?) by Capri Ristorante's owner Arturo di Rosa. The Italian eatery is located at 2602 Ruth Dr., on Indy's northside. Tucked away behind a dense shopping area (close to 71st and Keystone Ave.,) Capri's may be considered a hidden treasure in the Circle City. I was given this cookbook as a gift while dining at Capri's for lunch recently.

Born in a fishing village near the Bay of Naples, di Rosa began culinary schooling at the age of 14 in Salerno. He began working in restaurants in Florence, Rome, and, eventually, The Savoy in London. He literally worked his way from the bottom up. He landed in our town after being invited by customers (along his culinary path) to attend the Indianapolis 500 and liked the city enough to stay.
Seafood Risotto

Although I ate lunch at the eatery, I did not take notes or pictures for a full review; I plan to return for one, however.
For now...I will review the book. It is certainly more than a cookbook, or recipe book as di Rosa calls it. It embraces Italian culture, passion and history. It covers di Rosa's path to Indianapolis, his beliefs and the exact recipes and methods used in Capri Ristorante.

Whether explaining the importance of making pasta in-house, and including the how-to to achieve great results at home, or giving out special sauce recipes, this book takes you into the kitchen of Capri's Chef Gennaro di Rosa (brother of Arturo). Pictures and tips are placed throughout to help you along the path.

Chef Gennaro di Rosa making mozzarella
Pictures and descriptions of the restaurant, the staff and family create that hospitality for which Italians are known. The Lasagne Bolognese (p. 62) offers the recipe for the needed Bechamel sauce, while a modern spin can be found for Spaghetti Carbonara (p.55). A favorite of foodies, Osso Bucco, is covered (p.113) Milanese-style, complete with a Gremolata recipe.

Although there is not a dessert section, stocks, sauces and soups are covered.

With more than 80 varieties in stock, di Rosa offers his theory on choosing wine for your meal."Taste is the bottom line, he states in the book. "If you like it and the price is right, that's the best wine for you."

Bottom Line: Capri Ristorante The Flavors of Italian Tradition serves up recipes, wisdom and that all-important feature: Italian hospitality and passion.
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Credits: Photographer-Stacy Newgent; Creative Director-Kathy Davis; Recipes-Chef Gennaro di Rosa; Food Stylists-Patrick Whetstone, Jon Oliver; Owner of Capri-Arturo di Rosa

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