Saturday, April 9

Peyton Manning Becomes Daddy to Twins

Peyton Manning kept his upcoming bundles of joy a secret from pretty much everyone. NFL superstar Manning, and wife Ashley, welcomed twins, one girl and one boy, to the world. The babies are named Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson. They were born March 31 in Indianapolis.

Brother Eli Manning and wife Abby became parents in March, also, with daughter Ava Frances Manning. Some have considered the initial leak a practical joke brought on by April Fools Day jokesters. As of today the couple are neither confirming nor denying the rumors. More media outlets are jumping on the "what if it's true" bandwagon by the moment.
The news originally was scooped by Rachel Evans at The Neshoba Democrat. The newspaper comes from Philadelphia, MS, hometown of Team Manning's mother, Olivia. Should the story prove true or false may determine which direction Evans' career will head.
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rickyleepotts said...

I heard that on the radio the other day. I wonder if they are even his! There are a lot of rumors spreading that Peyton might not be the most loyal husband. I actually know people who have personally been put in a situation with him that would prove he isn't the best husband out there.

Regardless, good for them if this is true. I am sure Peyton will be a good day, at least starting out... he might not have a season to worry about and can spend all his free time with his family.

Elizabeth J. Musgrave said...

It does seem odd that no one talked about his wife having a "baby bump" or something. It is as if a stork dropped a double bundle off at their doorstep.

And no one, not even a receptionist or visitor at the hospital, mentioned to any of their friends, "Hey, you will never believe who was at the hospital's maternity ward."

I know about privacy laws, but hospital patients and visitors would have said something to someone.

When it is all kept secretive to t his level, it does make people wonder why, doesn't it? Even those of us who wish them the best, we have to ponder.

You would have thought the loyal fans and their city would have been enlightened first.