Wednesday, April 6

IRT Announces 2011-12 Season Includes DRACULA!

OneAmerica Stage
Wicked and seductive, the original bloodsucker is back in a fresh, faithful adaptation of Bram Stoker‘s horrific tale. The Count has taken residence in London, and only Professor Van Helsing understands the extent of the terror that is about to be unleashed. Transported back to a time where legend and science contend for supremacy, Steven Deitz's script keeps your heart beating 
and blood pumping… we hope.
SEPT 22-OCT 23
IRT’s Going Solo festival of three intimate one-actor plays returns for its third year of audience acclaim. A highlight this season will be an original work by IRT playwright-in-residence James Still. An added advantage for IRT subscribers: you can enjoy your assigned performance and then choose a weeknight performance of either of the other two plays in the series.
JAN 10-JAN 29

        OneAmerica Stage
August Wilson’s final work, completed only months before his death, Radio Golf is the culmination of his play cycle examining the Black experience in each decade of the twentieth century. The voice of modern African American ambition speaks of political growth and urban renewal, but cannot be entirely free of the past. Wilson uses the complexity of his former work to bring us back to the struggle of all Americans as we try to grow beyond our shared history, while still remembering its lessons.
FEB 28-MAR 24
OneAmerica Stage
A playground incident between two boys devolves into a comedy of bad manners as the parents meet to work things out. It’s hard to tell the children from the adults in this edgy satire from Yasmina Reza that catapults the IRT audience into the middle of a war-of-words zone where things are never what they seem. Winner for Best Play at the 2009 Tony Awards.

MAR 13-APR 22
Witty dialogue, glamour and madcap humor bubble out of control in Nöel Coward’s 1925 farce. We follow the story of Julia and Jane, two upper-class friends waiting for a shared secret to arrive at the front door. Can the virtues of married life stand firm against the lure of lost romance? This comedy of manners consists of three acts and a never-ending supply of champagne.

APRIL 17- MAY 20 OneAmerica Stage

In what Time Magazine called “…unforgettable theater,” The Miracle Worker recreates the life and education of Helen Keller. Tragically deaf, blind and ultimately mute due to a childhood illness, the wild child meets her match when Annie Sullivan, a teacher with passion, resilience and cunning wit, arrives to teach Helen her greatest lesson: the gift of communication. Extraordinarily woven by the playwright, this century old story of

fortitude and friendship still stirs audiences today.
OCT 18-NOV 5OneAmerica Stage

One of Shakespeare’s most well known tragedies, Julius Caesar grapples with the universal themes of honor, patriotism and the ultimate betrayal of ruler and friend. Tension reaches a boiling point after Caesar’s brutal assassination, while political scheming spurs power hungry Romans into civil war. A classic piece of theater that echoes current political issues, making this a relevant, not-to-be-missed experience.

NOV 25-DEC 24
OneAmerica Stage
Winter can be a cold, hard place, especially when one man’s heart resists every effort to warm it. Can the spirits of the season prevail in time to save Scrooge from an eternity of miserly misery? Find out when Charles Dickens’ beloved holiday favorite returns. Unwrap the perfect family outing and experience the joy of the IRT’s timeless Christmas classic.

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