Thursday, April 7

Film Review: Source Code

Director Duncan Jones' scores high marks for his second film attempt with Source Code, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as U.S. Army Capt. Colter Stevens.

Jones' first film, Moon, (2009) was also a sci-fi drama which pleased many critics with his quality and crisp style. Duncan's creative ability and out-of-the-box style is not surprising considering his father is none other than British rock star and creative genius David Bowie. Yes, Ziggy Stardust had a son and that son is equally talented. Which means there is so much to look forward to with this new generation of Hollywood artists.

Source Code takes us into the mind of the heroic soldier caught up in a science experiment to slip into someone else's body during the last eight minutes of life. The twists and turns of this movie keep you intent on the storyline without straying too far from the credible pool. Christina Warren, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan, acts as Stevens' love interest. With looks reminiscent of Liv Tyler in Armaggedon (1998) Warren also serves as the catalyst for Stevens to return one more time and as his focal point each time he 'wakes' on the train.

Without giving everything away, this movie is best enjoyed with as little knowledge as possible, just know that it is different than anything else out right now. The slight drawbacks include too little of the father/son relationship, although it ran throughout the show, it could have been more deeply drawn upon.
Bottom Line: Source Code races you through eight minutes of marvelous twists and turns at top speed...over and over again.
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