Tuesday, April 12

DVD Review: Disney Tron Legacy and Tron Classic

Disney has released both Tron Classic and (previously reviewed by me) Tron Legacy on DVD and Blu Ray. The 2-disc combo packs include the Blu-Ray and DVD versions together with bonus features.

The bonus features on these two movies are more than the average DVD includes. The Making of is included on both, as well as the cultural influence the original carried, sneak peaks at the next chapter in The Next Day: Flynn Lives, a music video, the animated 3D series Tron: Uprising, cast interviews, interactive features, extensive documentaries, photos and deleted scenes.

These two DVDs/Blu-Ray combo packs are meant not just for the fans of the original, but for the next generation of Tron fans as Disney prepares to continue the saga. Without giving any details away, the sneak peaks alone justify the purchase.

Watching the original movie after so many years brought home the differences between technology then and now. It is less cumbersome and smoother now, as well as more intense. However, the original set the future in motion and beyond other technology in its day. It is needed in your memory bank to clarify and give depth of understanding to the second in the series.

Bottom Line: Disney's Tron Classic and Tron Legacy are must-haves for the avid movie collector and for fans of sci-fi, adventure and action flicks of all ages.

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rickyleepotts said...

I can't believe they are making another one. There is NO WAY they can top the most recent rendition. TRON: Legacy might be one of the best movies I have ever seen. I will continue to go back to the special effects, and the soundtrack, but that film is incredible.

The sound track was actually done by Daft Punk. Did you know that Daft Punk actually made a guest appearance in the film?

It seems like this film just came out in theaters, to already be on DVD surprises me. I guess they can make more money that way by getting the film on store shelves. Plus, they can also charge more by combining the two movies.

Thanks for sharing, and make sure do get a copy of the soundtrack. Also pick up a copy of the remixed version of the soundtrack. It's also by Daft Punk but features some sick remixes from some of the world's top DJs.

Elizabeth J. Musgrave said...

I think we caught the screening before Christmas, so the time seems appropriate by today's standards.
These combo packs had a lot of extras in them. I thought the movie completely satisfied every category it attempted.

Will definitely check into Daft Punk now.
It was great to see the original again and realize how far technology has evolved.
Thanks for the tip on Daft punk.