Wednesday, April 13

DVD Review: The Incredibles

Disney Pixar has released the child-friendly movie The Incredibles in a DVD Blu-Ray combo pack. Included are the digital copy, perfect of while traveling in the car, and the bonus material disc. The superheroes have been outlawed by the public after a rash of law suits are lodged by various people.

The underlying story is created when a small boy, Buddy Pine (Jason Lee), idolizes Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) and is shunned by him. Buddy grows to adulthood with a giant chip on his shoulder and invents, rockets, deadly robots and explosives. To avenge his years-old anger, he begins terminating all the superheroes, one by one, until he feels ready to oppose fallen hero.

Meanwhile, the Incredible family expands to include marriage to Elasticigirl (Holly Hunter) and three little Incredibles: Violet, who is able to become invisible and throw out invisible force fields; Dash, who is able to run at lightning speed and across water; and Jack-Jack who, at first, appears to have no super powers.
This is a hilarious look at blending super heroes into a "normal" lifestyle, living without their super powers and the inability to integrate into life post lawsuits.

Bottom Line: Taking on a villain brings the almost broken home of the Incredibles together and allows the family to embrace the super power life once again. The delightful movie is worth watching over and over and captures Good vs. Evil in a new way.

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