Sunday, April 17

Barbecue Time!

It’s Barbecue Time and I am ready for it. Chops, burgers, chicken, kabobs, seafood, vegetables and steaks; they are all good. Easter is near and Spring has arrived. The only problem is, I want new recipes every year when it’s time for barbecues and lazy Sundays on the deck.

Who has the best BBQ sauce out there? I want a family members-begging-for-the-recipe good sauce. I like it a little sweet, a tad smoky and plenty of it dripping off my chin. 
I was tipped off years ago to soak ribs overnight in cold, salty water in the refrigerator. That hint has aided me in tenderizing those favorites. Add a little smoke seasoning into the baked beans and keep the husks on the cob and soak them for at least one hour before pushing them under the coals.

I like all the advice on these important matters that I can get.

What type of a grill is best? I am on the mission of finding, and purchasing, a new one this year and hope to get lots of opinions on this issue. It is important. After all, I will use it for many years to come. It is replacing a 7-year-old grill, which has served me well and deserves its retirement, I assure you.

So, I am ready...smoker? Gas? Charcoal? What is best and why? Round, rectangular, black, red, stainless steel? Tabletop or self-standing? How big? So many choices, and so little time.

If you have any hints, suggestions or warnings about grills, cooking techniques or recipes, drop me a message. If you are a grill chef, or just like to experiment on the grill, I would enjoy hearing about it.

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