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Indiana Artisans: New Day Meadery

Wine is a fermented drink made from grapes, usually. Other items can be used to make wine: berries, fruit, rice. They are referred to by the ingredient and the word wine, ex. rice wine, blackberry wine...whereas wine from grapes are simply called wines.
Wine can also be made from honey. The fermenting process is the same and the result is called mead. Normally associated with Renaissance fairs, such as the one held every autumn in Fishers, mead is making a comeback as a niche market in today's world.
With that knowledge, let me introduce you to New Day Meadery, recently moved into Indianapolis' Fountain Square neighborhood. With a home place in Elwood, the tasting room opened in Indy last summer to give the Old World beverage a modern twist.
Tia Agnew
As the only Indiana meadery, and one of the few in the country, owners Tia Agnew and Brett Canaday are prepared and eager to teach the world of mead to everyone. Honey wine is a new concept to many and is usually regarded as a sweet wine. Not so, explains the Indiana artisans. In fact, mead/honey wine is available in the same categories as grape wine: dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet.
The couple enjoys sharing the ancient concoction in a fun, casual way through gatherings such as Wednesday Knit and Wine nights, Tuesday evenings' Game Night, and the upcoming Mead-Making class on April 13. There is even a tapping of the keg event, Yelp! Drinks Tapping Party, on April 4 to official open kegs of their sparkling wines and kick off Yelp! Drinks Week.
Brett Canaday
From berry mead to hard ciders on tap, such as Gold Rush, an Old-World style, and South Cider, smooth with apple hints, the menu continues to expand with the popularity of the offerings. The tasting and sitting areas reflect the warmth of the owners' personalities. Passion for their craft is reflected in the products. Former beekeepers themselves, they continue supporting the sustaining food movement by using Indiana sources for their ingredients.
Bottom Line: New Day Meadery is a welcome addition to Indy's wine scene. It brings an old-world drink to the revitalized Fountain Square area in a modern, fun and classy atmosphere.

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