Wednesday, February 23

DVD Review: Alice in Wonderland

Disney's Alice in Wonderland is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Those who grew up on the story by Lewis Carroll about a fair-haired child falling down a hole and enjoying an adventure, will be happy at the news. But, is it appropriate for today's parenting style?

Alice In Wonderland 60th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack
Maybe. And, then again, maybe not.

A disclaimer at the beginning of the film tells children in text that smoking is a bad idea. Problem is...preschoolers don't read big words. Children of an age to read probably already know Mom and Dad puff or know that it is bad...verrrry bad. Either way this disclaimer comes across as something inserted due to requirements by a government or watchdog group.

The film itself is exactly as remembered. Sweet, and silly, in a fun way. Alice follows a rabbit instead of sitting around being bored by her governess and ends up, literally, heads over heels in trouble and adventure. Taken at face value, this film still hits it out of the ballpark for animation, evolution of story and...that marvelous league of talent that, seemingly, only Walt himself could find and gather.
Sterling Holloway, also known for his portrayal of Kaa, the Indiana python, in The Jungle Book, provides the voice for the Cheshire Cat. Especially noteworthy is the comedic genius of Ed Wynn (1905-92) as the voice actor for the Mad Hatter.

Bottom Line: This Blu-ray included anniversary edition of Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland is a must-have for Disney film collectors and film lovers alike.

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