Monday, October 11


Just in time for the holidays is a feel-good movie which will play as well on DVD as it does on the big screen. Secretariat, the newest Disney release, recounts the record-breaking historical equine story of "Big Red," as he was affectionately nicknamed by his groomer, trainer, owner and fans worldwide.

Although most people generally do not get involved in horse racing, the saga of Secretariat became international news in 1973 as he broke one record after another. No horse had won the Triple Crown, consisting of The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes and The Belmont Stakes, in 25 years, since Citation in 1948.

Anytime we, as humans, are able to witness the excellence of a star, whether the role of athlete, actor, musician, singer, astronaut, or even, yes, a horse; it is a wonder. Compared to the everyday life, the average event; being a part, even if only on the fringe, of the truly gifted, gives one a feeling of being part of something bigger. To be near greatness elevates one's soul and Secretariat gave everyone something to cheer about.

Diane Lane portrays owner Penny Chenery (Tweedy) extremely well as is her norm. Lane has the ability to allow the story to evolve around her rather than demanding the focus on her, which, of course, draws your attention in the simplicity of her movements.

Special note: the authentic clothing and hairstyles demonstrates that Heather Chaffee, Lane's costumer, and Hayley Stuppel, costumer to Malkovich, have a firm handle on the true fashions of specific eras.

John Malkovich is let loose on the role of Lucien Laurin, the quirky horse trainer with an affection for outrageous clothing....and hats, lots and lots of hats. Drawn out of retirement by interest in the horse's lineage and natural talent, Laurin trains the thoroughbred, bringing in a daredevil jockey by the name of Ron Turcotte. Malkovich provides the laughs at every turn giving the necessary comedic twist to keep this film from becoming too sweet.

Bottom Line: Secretariat is a movie that is truly Disney in the best sense of the word, making this a feel-good, go out and buy to watch over and over again, movie.

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