Monday, September 13

Gotta Go Giveaway: Mary Poppins-Win Four Tickets to Broadway Across America's Indianapolis Production

Mary Poppins, presented by Broadway Across America
Mary Poppins' annual visit, via an umbrella, to my television set as a child is a cherished memory. My mother created an excitement in the air throughout the week, humming the songs, quizzing us on various Mary Poppins movie points, and making fudge and caramel popcorn for the event.

That evening we would all (six kids and two adults) camp in the living room, in front of the television set, and slip into the fantasy world of Walt Disney. So entranced were we, as children, no one tugged on anyone's hair, no one pinched their little sister or even pushed for a better seat on the sofa. For a few hours, we just had a Jolly Holiday with Mary.

  1. In the comment section, write your favorite Mary Poppins memory from any time period of your life, in 25 words or less. Pictures are allowed if you feel it would enhance the story.
  2. The winner will be announced via Twitter, Facebook and in an email to the winner.
  3. You must leave your full name and email address so we are able to contact you.
  4. Entrants may not be related to Elizabeth J. Musgrave.
  5. Entries must be in by noon, Sunday, September 19, 2010. The winner will be contacted by noon, Monday, September 20, 2010.
  6. Tickets are not exchangeable, refundable or transferable in any manner.
  7. Tickets are for the Thursday, September 23, 2010 performance and may not be switched to another performance for any reason.
  8. All questions should be directed to Do not send questions to the newspaper, radio and Broadway Across America.
 Four tickets to the Broadway Across America presentation of Mary Poppins, Thursday, September 23, 2010, The Murat Theatre in the Old National Centre, Indianapolis, IN. Instructions regarding ticket pick up will be given to the winner by e-mail.

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Michelle said...

As kids, watched Mary Poppins with my cousin Donald - he TRULY believed umbrellas would make him FLY from the garage roof. NOPE...broken elbow instead.

Morgan said...

Mary Poppins was always a part of my childhood - it starts with my mom singing "just a spoon full of sugar" everytime I was sick. I think it worked actually!

debbie warrum said...

When Mary Poppins first came to the Circle Theatre, my parents purchased tickets for my two older brothers to take me. They could not afford for the entire family to go and somehow managed to find money for the three of us.

It was my first experience in a theatre and one I will never forget. Mary Poppins truly came to life on the big screen. What a wonderful memory for me. Each time I hear anyone talk of Mary Poppins, that special day comes to mind. I still, to this day, hum "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar".

Carter McCammon said...

Being aware that Mary Poppins was my favorite movie at the time, my elementary school teacher during the spelling bee thought she would be funny and ask me to spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." I may not have been able to spell it, but I definitely belted out a few lines to my 4th grade class. I may not have won the spelling bee, but I got some laughs! :-)

Adam Hampton said...

I work with developmentally disabled individuals, and have been watching clips of the production online with my client for the past few months. She loves Mary Poppins. Her face lights up when she hears the songs she recalls from her childhood. I would love to take her to see the show with me, and for her to have a night out at the show that she will never forget!

Meredith's Blog said...

A costume was made for me, every day I sat at the tv and created tap dances and later spent each day "feeding the birds!"

Debbie Wein said...

My grandma would play music from Mary Poppins on her piano and we would sing, dance, and play the parts. She would have props out for us to use and we would even put ashes on our face. She would have bread cut up for us to feed the birds while we sang. Lot's of wonderful memories and fun times with Mary Poppins and my grandma.