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Hollywood royalty visited Indy for Rob Reiner’s newest flick, Flipped which opens August 27. I got a chance for some up-close, red-carpet moments and caught the prescreening of the Heartland Truly Moving Pictures award-winning movie.
Reiner, director of numerous mega-hits including A Few Good Men, When Harry Met Sally and The Bucket List, was kind enough to answer all questions and even pose for photos.
Also walking the red carpet was Chicago-resident John Mahoney who portrayed Bryce's grandfather, Chet Duncan. Receiving a bigger reception than any of the guests, save Reiner, Mahoney, best known as the father on sit-com Frazier, reported that he “loves Indianapolis.” Rather than fly in for the event, he stated, “It’s so close, I just drove on down.”
When not on television or the silver screen, Mahoney continues to regularly perform on stage at Steppenwolf Theatre. Originally from England, the popular actor moved to the United States, becoming a citizen and serving in the Army.
Also walking the red carpet were Anthony Edwards (E.R.), Penelope Anne Miller (Carlito’s Way) and Madeline Carroll (Swing Vote, Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause).
A veteran at a young age, Carroll’s vitality and youthfulness is balanced by her professionalism; so rarely seen in a child actor. Dressed in fuchsia, Carroll joined Reiner and company as they all joked and traded stories, while answering questions from the audience.
Flipped relays the worst part of the preteen and teen years of middle school: love. Whichever term you care to use, first love, puppy love, crush, it is the one which remains with us throughout our lives. Other loves may be more fun, more hurtful or longer lasting, but nothing tops that first realization that the opposite sex is on earth for more than swapping cooties.
When young Juli Baker’s new neighbors move in, she, played by Carroll, immediately flips head-over-heels in love with their son, Bryce, portrayed by Callan McAuliffe. He immediately runs the opposite direction, at top speed. The chase continues through elementary school and into middle school.
Told from both perspectives throughout the chase, the two grow into the realization that the other isn’t what they originally assumed. The families are radically different and the children attempt to become who they would like to be, while learning to deal with crushes, rejection, peer pressure and first kisses.
Acting as the glue to mend the families, and children, Duncan (Mahoney) shares insight, wisdom and acceptance with young Julie.
Although Reiner compared this film to his Stand By Me hit (River Phoenix, Corey Feldman), I found it akin to other well-known favorites. If you were a fan of television’s The Wonder Years and the film My Girl, you are in for a special treat.
Bottom Line: Take your grandparents, parents and children; this one is a classic. Wrapped in a favorite childhood blanket of nostalgia, Flipped is the type of film you’ll flip over.
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