Monday, August 23

The Cabaret: Christine Pedi

If you conjure up an image of a New York penthouse apartment, complete with a polished piano, chandelier and several dozen friends invited over for cocktails and frivolity, then you have just imagined the setting for Christine Pedi's Great Dames at The Cabaret at The Columbia Club.
Fooled into expecting a singer to imitate several divas from Broadway fame, the audience was clearly snookered.
We were tricked into believing we were there to see a regular singer, imitating other, better singers. Not even close.
False advertising, you could call it, actually. Should those in attendance request a refund of money spent?
Absolutely not.
In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if several offered to pay twice the ticket price for the sheer enjoyment of the high-quality show.
This lady is more than just a regular singer.
She's a kitten with claws, a polished performer and a diva in her own right. The show wasn't just an offering of a singer imitating others. It was two shows in one: comedy act and musical concert.
Only a truly powerful and gifted singer could make her way through the list of tunes Pedi breezed through. Spoonful of Sugar, Funny Girl, Trolley Song, When You're Good to Mama, Nothing like a Dame and Lady is a Tramp are a few of the choice numbers.
Looking as comfortable as if lounging in her own skyscraper dwelling, the comedienne and impressionist delighted the crowd with her version of several divas from throughout time.
The elegant surroundings could not curb the feisty nature of the New Yorker. Vamping it up with her rendition of Barbra Streisand, Liza Minelli, Julie Andrews and Judy Garland, the songstress played with the audience like a kitten with a ball of string. Tossing us this way and that, we rolled through many years worth of music on Broadway.
When not wowing crowds with her musical and comedic abilities, Pedi hosts Broadway Breakfast Daily on Sirius/XM radio. Along with her pianist, arranger, and sometimes backup singer, Matthew Ward, Pedi circles the globe performing in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.
Bottom Line: Christine Pedi spreads her own delicious brand of sass and brass without reservation; after all, this lady is not just a tramp, she's also a diva.
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