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Reviewing the self-titled CD by the Broad-Ripple-based group, Rookwood, proved rather difficult to do. Sharing the music with several age groups, I received only positive feedback from all, making it impossible to suggest it for just one particular demographic.

Making up the duo are Butler University graduates Krista and Casey Wilson. Rookwood, on a CD-promoting, national tour, returns to Indianapolis, Friday, May 21 for one performance at The Annex in Fishers.

Rookwood’s influence from Memphis-Blues, rock, gospel and jazz, coupled with the haunting vocals of lead singer Krista, creates a fusion of emotions as vivid as the colors of a kaleidoscope. Just when you believe you’ve seen all there is, it turns and twists into something entirely different.

Not shying away from the darker subjects of heartbreak, disappointment and compulsions, Look My Way offers the promise of hope through the strength of love. From the first track’s addictive Fool’s Goodbye, which deals with betrayal, to the last haunting selection of You Still Want Me, the group's view of reality creates a sense of knowing someone out there understands what you're going through.

Happy Ever After begs the listener to toss aside unrealistic childhood romantic fairy tales, whereas in track ten, they want to know if you’re Happy with your life. The spirit of soul-searching winds throughout the entire CD wrapped in a down-to-earth style, questioning faith, life and love.

Bottom Line: Heartbreaking, wistful, completely bare and laid-out are the emotions and inner-feelings of Rookwood’s self-titled CD. The smoky-bluesy soulful sound and lyrics are distinctive and not to be compared to any other group; no need to borrow a sound when you’ve created one all your own.

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