Wednesday, December 30

New Year's Gotta Go List 2010

Well, it is that time of the year again, and when someone finds out where this year has gone, please let me know. I am sure you will remember my dislikes for the un-fun resolutions; stop this, stop that…ugh. Who invented that idea anyway? Let’s continue with my style of resolutions, if you please. I do prefer them.

As a reminder, and for those who were not around for my list last year…instead of making boring, depressing, unpleasant resolutions which we hate and will forget about in a week or
two, we will make fun resolutions which we will look forward to keeping. We will wake up every day wanting to reach our new goals. Sounds better than giving up chocolate or coffee, doesn’t it? If our lives are full of fun and excitement, we won’t crave the bad stuff to fill the void, anyway.

That’s my theory and I’m living it and loving it.

By some weird fate, I realized when I was checking out which items I had accomplished over the past 12 months that I had reached nine of 10 goals. ... off the list I made for you. Not nearly so many off my own list.

So this year, I am combining our lists, since I seem to prefer yours anyway, and keeping some from last year. Ready?

Okay, here is our list of 12 things to do in 2010 (drum roll, please):

1. Take up a hobby we enjoyed when younger, but have stopped for whatever reason.

2. Try a new sport. This can include racing, individual or team sports.

3. Hike through the woods. With so many parks, this will be easy to do.

4. Try an alternate mode of transportation just for fun, maybe take a scenic train ride, snow-mobiling for a day or even a carriage ride around town.

5. Visit a state never before visited. This one will be on the list every year until I visit all 50.

6. Tour a lighthouse. A real one, and take photos of it for proof.

7. Get a passport. This is another I didn’t get to in ’09, but so important it returns.

8. Become acquainted with a different type of music. Rap doesn’t count.

9. Read to a child or an invalid. Everyone likes to be read to, especially when sick or young.

10. Visit a museum. A train, fine art, potato or blue grass museum; any kind works.

11. Grow an herb garden. Nothing fancy, just one or two plants for personal recipes. Chia pets do count.

12. Go on a picnic. Even if it is in your own backyard. Toss down a blanket and go for it.

There is one more that will appear only on my list.

13. Be in the delivery room when my very first grandchild is born in March.

What an exciting year lies before us; new dreams and possibilities, new mistakes to learn from and new memories to be made. Life doesn’t get any better than that, I promise.

If you would like to drop me a note about our fun resolutions, you can e-mail Me, I will be right here, learning to knit baby booties.

--This post was originally published under "Gotta Go" in the West Side Community News in Indianapolis, and the West Indianapolis Community News.

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