Sunday, July 18

Bravo Chef Cook Off

I was recently invited to be a judge at Bravo restaurant's annual Chef Cook Off, regional division. Held at the Greenwood, Indiana location, I was to eat every dish made by every chef and then judge. Supplied with a nice glass of Pinot Noir, I felt up to the task.

Our panel of four judged in categories such as taste, appearance, whether the dish was in keeping with Bravo's style and presentation. We nibbled our way through various dishes, all rather tasty. However, only one chef could win and that one person was Cassandra Presley from New Orleans.

Presley's winning dish was Prosciutto-wrapped Shrimp Salad with a spicy caper vinaigrette. Key ingredients which helped to push Presley over the top were spicy pecans and the addition of pear quarters. Surprising to the panel was the fact that Presley had been with the company less than a year. Her win lifted her to the next round to be held in Ohio.
Other noteworthy dishes include "Corona Di Prosciutto" from Chef Micahel Minch. The dish, a crispy bread stick stuffed with prosciutto, was served marinara and a Gorgonzola cream sauce.

Chef Demetrio Estrada's "Veal Saltimbocca" was made of veal, sage and prosciutto, braised in white wine. The addition of chopped tomatoes and mozzarella enhanced the tender meat.
The winning chef in the championship round wins an all-expense trip to Italy to study Italian cuisine. The winning dish also holds the possibilty of being added to the regular menu at Bravo restaurants.
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