Wednesday, April 28

Broadway Across America: A Chorus Line

Broadway Across America's A Chorus Line, played at Clowes Memorial Hall, proves the strong storyline which is as relevant today as it did at its inception in 1975. When dancers arrive to a 'cattle call' for a Broadway show, they are asked to reveal more of themselves than dance moves. Several stories are brought forth during the day-long process.

Selina Verastigui played the role of Diana, turning in the sobering solo Nothing, the tale of a young girl mis-treated by an uncaring teacher in performing arts school.

Derek Hanson portrayed superbly the role of Zach, the show's director, a Type-A personality with an internal struggle when Cassie, played by Rebecca Riker, the woman who broke his heart, turns up for tryouts. Zack's need to know why Cassie left him and his need for her to remain the star he had created is intertwined with his need to punish her for the pain he ensued when she shattered his dreams.

Other story lines include the fun solo, I Can Do That, by Andy Mills in his portrayal as Mike upon learning he preferred dance class over sports.

The crowd-pleasing, Dance: Ten; Looks: Three, was offered by the delightful Kristen Martin as the plastic-surgery-needing Val. Martin so thoroughly enjoyed her role, her enthusiasm was contagious.

Bottom Line: A Chorus Line continues to share with the non-dancer why dancers need to dance over everything else and gives a glimpse into the struggles and passion of performing artists.
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--This post was originally published under "Gotta Go" in the West Side Community News in Indianapolis, and the West Indianapolis Community News.

*Photo Credit: Photos by Paul Kolnick

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