Wednesday, March 17

Baby Rose

Some things cannot be measured, cannot be explained, cannot be described. They can't be understood until you have experienced them. Such is the case with milestones in one's life. Whether it is birth, death, graduation, wedding, divorce or some other significant point in one's life, it is a threshold which must be crossed before fully absorbing all that the event entails. No one can give you the complete package, you have to earn it, bad or good.

Such is the case with my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

Rose Jeanette Bodenreider arrived into this world at 1:48 pm on March 8, logging in at 8 pounds, one ounce, 20 and one half inches and boasting a head full of beautiful hair. This little bundle of joy will lead me into unfamiliar territory...the world of grandmother.

Holding her in my arms, swaddled in a pink blanket, for the first time reaffirmed how valuable are family and life. No matter the distance, no matter the effort required, every ounce of energy put into the relationship comes back tenfold. Looking into Baby Rose's alert and angelic eyes, I knew that I wanted to be a part of her first word, step, tooth, all of the firsts that come along.

Every one of her milestones will be a priority in my life as she has become a milestone in my life.
Jobs, education, military appointment and a multitude of other reasons have flung families into separate directions as if leaves in the wind. This, too is the case for my family.

My son Blake, serving in the nuclear power division of the United States Navy, is stationed in South Carolina. He and my daughter-in-law, Melissa, are the proud parents of this little one they have lovingly nicknamed Little Bunny.

As I catch Mom, glowing with happiness, looking down into her first born's face as the early morning sun filters into the nursery; as I watch Dad dancing with his princess around the living room to Wicked's, "Dancing Through Life," I feel blessed to be included in the beginning of the next generation. To be part of the next chapter of the family history is more than special. As I continue through the autumn of my life I relax knowing my son and daughter-in-law, in the summer of their lives, have taken on well the responsibilities of raising their own family.

Surely the best thing in life is the love of one's children and, now, grandchild; I hope to say grandchildren eventually. Until then little Rose, the flower of my heart, will show me how to be the best grandmother I can be.

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This post was originally published under "Gotta Go" in the West Side Community News in Indianapolis, and the West Indianapolis Community News.

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