Wednesday, February 17

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria

Cirque du Soleil: Alegria, joy or jubilation in Spanish, back-flipped its way into Indy this past weekend. Handing, somewhat reluctantly, the power to the next generation, the old ones deal with their aging in many ways.

This show explores the exuberance of youth and the descent of the elders: people, government, authority; however you interpret it.

Brooke Webb, creative artistic director, described to me her favorite aspects of Alegria. “Americans have a much bigger appreciation of the theatrical aspect,” Webb explained. “Also, when an artist overcomes a challenge, and they get it, that’s the most exhilarating part for me.”

The story, as old as time itself, is told via a parade of contortionists, trapeze artists, flame-twirlers, clowns and singers encapsulated artistically in a kaleidoscope of magenta, lavender, pearl white and aquamarine.

The White Singer, elegant and majestic, travels with us throughout our journey, narrating with resonance, her haunting voice lingering in the air.

With all that is light, there must be dark.

The first act presented the power to make this my all-time favorite Cirque; the powerful ending before intermission with the grace and athleticism all one imagine.

The second act is toned down, as if the changing of the guards had occurred backstage as well. Almost a balance of energy, high to low, happened as quickly as one of the flips in air which had left the audience in awe during the first act. Not bad, simply…a change, in energy, style and power.

Bottom Line: The dazzling display of graceful power in the first act alone makes Alegria a must-see for Cirque groupies and novices alike.

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