Wednesday, November 18

Thanksgiving List

Tradition dictates us to feel thankful at this time of year, and so we do. Everyone looks at you, straight in the eye, and almost demands to know what you are grateful for. Whatever answer you give had better be worthy of the occasion, too; because there will be a silence while all listening will judge and rate your list of counted blessings.

Generally the obligatory answers of health, the troops, our children, etcetera are offered up as sacrificial lambs, as we hope to avoid the ugly glare of disapproval from the others at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

I am getting a little practice in the week beforehand, this year, so my answer will be ready, polished even. Don’t want to fumble over my answer like last year.

Not in any particular order, or priority, without mentioning the above items, for which I’m naturally appreciative, my thankful list goes something like this:

Tall, short, open-toed, pumps, snow boots-you name the style and I have either owned it or wanted to. You knew I was going to say this one, didn’t you?

Indy’s Circle of Lights
Every year I go downtown and walk around the tree of lights, with the snow floating gently down upon my shoulders, hot chocolate in hand, enjoying the carriages and strollers passing by.

Stuffing and Dressing
Why did they both make the list? Aaah, because there is a difference and I enjoy both equally and did not want to show favoritism. Dressing is cooked outside the bird; stuffing, of course, is cooked inside Tom Turkey. Oyster is my first choice, then sage, but don’t fret; cornbread style will not be rejected, I promise.

Kind souls who let me go in front of them at the store. I appreciate this one especially at the holidays when most people are frazzled and impatient. If I have only an item or two in my arms,
very nice people allow me to scoot right ahead of them. That makes my whole day brighter, and
makes me smile; so thanks.

White, milk, dark, all of it, and in any combination. It is all good and anything it is poured over, dipped with or surrounded by can slip through on this one, also. Melt it, drizzle it and serve
it up, no one is going to complain, least of all me.

The ones who allow you to call them just to vent. They don’t try to solve the issue; you’ll do that later. They just listen, or pretend to, while you rant and rave about some insignificant or larger problem such as the guy who can’t drive right or the in-law who annoys everyone.

Bubble Bath
It may seem really trivial, but after a day of salsa dancing, go-karting or working in the yard, it is so nice to slip into a tub of bubbles and float away for a few minutes. You know, before the muscles tighten up and start screaming at you that you are too old to be doing whatever you did.

Truly there are far more pressing issues to count in my blessings, but certainly my family members will cover those for me. Much like the ‘guilt by association’ rule, I shall let their choices
count for me, which leaves me with the fun ones. Don’t you love how I make them do the hard stuff?

If you would like to submit your thankful list to me, e-mail it to or, I promise not to judge. Me, I’ll be right here, figuring out how to dip stuffing into melted chocolate. That won’t be too messy, will it?

--This post was originally published under "Gotta Go" in the West Side Community News in Indianapolis, and the West Indianapolis Community News.

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